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Learn More About Ethanol Fuel

The team at BUSS Automotive, LLC in Boise, Idaho, can help you determine whether your car is capable of using ethanol fuel. The first step is to determine if it is a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV). Call us today to learn more about your car, fuel options, and specific car maintenance requirements.

E85 Fuel

E85 fuel consists of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Ethanol is a high-octane alcohol made from biodegradable corn, grain crops, or plants such as sugarcane and switch grass.

Can You Use E85 In Your Car?

You can use E85 in your car if it is designated as a FFV. If your vehicle is designed to run on gasoline and is not FFV compatible, then it is not suitable for E85.

Can E85 Damage Your Car?

E85 is highly corrosive so it can damage your car if it is not a FFV. Unlike regular vehicles, FFVs have stainless steel fuel tanks, Teflon™-lined fuel hoses, and other corrosive resistant parts to help protect against damage when using E85 fuel. Frequent use of E85 in a standard vehicle can damage fuel injectors, the fuel pump, or other components. Such damage can lead to serious operating problems that can result in costly repairs.