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Maintain Your Car With Ease With Help From Our Experts

Whether you need car maintenance or auto body repair services, BUSS Automotive, LLC in Boise, Idaho, can do it all. Our approved General Services Administration (GSA) repair facility will ensure that you walk out of each service knowing who's conducting your service, what each service consists of, and why it's being done to your vehicle. Learn more about our accessible and convenient services.

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Know What You're Getting

In addition to fully explaining our services, we will show you the damage to be repaired. This way you can better understand why we are doing the repair and why it is necessary. Best of all, we will provide you with multiple options and explain each one as thoroughly as possible. If every repair cannot be done at once, our team member can help you prioritize services.


If you're experiencing car trouble outside of our normal hours, don't fret. We have a key drop box for early morning or late night services. One of our team members will contact you during business hours.

Maintenance Records

If you ever need a copy of your maintenance records, please call or email us. We will mail you a copy of all of your records for free!

Approved General Services Administration Repair Facility

BUSS Automotive, LLC is an approved GSA repair facility. This means we are approved to work on all government vehicles, such as those associated with:

Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) | Fish & Game | Military